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In a nutshell (the brief part):
I love to paint, have loved art from the first time I finger painted.
From being mentored and having mentored others, what you see is the result.
I have grown over the years and still continue to grow.

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If you wish to read the boring stuff, here it is, (not so brief part) lolol.......
Having been born many MANY moons ago, I have quite a bit of life experiences (good and bad) under my belt. My 'most excellent' memories have been associated with art. I am drawn very much to creating and it actually gives me a feeling of well being when I even think about creating.

My earliest recollections of being interested in art was when I still played with wagons. A local store had a contest for the best Easter creation and I and my trusty wagon (with my mom's help of course!) were entered. I remember the wagon having Easter grass lining the bottom with crumpled tissue paper for the eggs and crepe paper adorning the sides. I won a first-place trophy! I still remember my mom pulling the wagon home with me sitting in it.

In second grade (age 7) I was chosen by my teacher to draw a huge horse for a lesson on the parts of a horse. I still remember her standing there pointing out the parts and marking them for the class. She pointed to a front part of the back and said "I guess this bump is the withers". I wonder what it really looked like? lolol

During my early teen years, one of my creations was displayed in the San Diego Museum of Art. Every school chose one student a year to have their art displayed. Imagine my pride when I was the one chosen to represent our school!

During my high school years, I would take my main classes during the summer so I could get them out of the way in order to take art classes during the regular school year. During my adult years I would take any and all adult art classes I could. At that time there was really no outlet for personal art, no internet, no computers! (OMG, dating myself now. I remember when there were no computers!) Every year I would enter the San Diego County Fair and came away with quite a few blue ribbons.

In the 80's I was editor and artist for San Diego Tropical Fish Society's monthly newsletter. During those years, I entered their Tropical Fish Annual Show and won awards for my artwork entered as well as my fish.

In the early 90's we moved to Utah and my pen and ink drawing called Lonely Dell won First in State after winning Reserve Sweepstakes at the local County Fair. Again, many blue ribbons over the years at the County Fair.

In 2007 I heard about a project to help rescued horses, called Glory of Horses. It was to be a huge mural comprised of many different panels. The overall image was to be horses, but since we only worked on one or two panels, we had no idea where ours fit in to the overall image. I was excited to be accepted as one of the artists. Due to problems within the mural's execution, the project never really got off the ground. To read more about the project and see the panels I received and how I interpreted them, please visit this page.....Mural that was not to be for me....

Having so much fun doing the first mural project, I signed up for consideration for another (The Horse Gift) and was accepted. So much fun in fact, I was going to sign up for another when it became available for consideration. The Horse Gift is the mural I did and I had panel 188. The mural is HUGE and if it is ever in your area, you really need to see it!

In 2008, I was called upon to display my work at Calico Ghost Town's Art of the West Show where I won 1st Place Acrylics as well as People's Choice. When the show was over, I was asked to display my works in their Art Gallery. Again quite an honor for me as this was one of my Mom's favorite places to visit. We went there quite often when I was growing up. Having them contact me for the art show was like my Mom was sending them my way. Brings tears to my eyes, in fact.

2009 brought more notariety as I again showed at the Art of The West in Calico and was asked to return to do a one-man Visiting Artist display during Calico Days.

2010 promises to be quite a good year as I have been invited to show my art at Southwest Arts Festival in Indio, CA, in January and OKC Arts Festival in April, Meeker Sheepdog Classic, and Palm Springs Oktoberfest. I have also been invited (didn't even have to ask them they asked me!) to do another Mural Mosaic on the freedom of the United States. It will be permanently displayed in Utah when it is unveiled in September. (update: Unfortunately, I was just informed that the mural lacked funding and will not be created. But was told that I will be an invited artist when another should present itself).

During the past few years I have also been working on silver jewelry. I have finally decided to offer it on my site. If you see something that has sold already, please contact me as I can most likely recreate it. All pieces, being handcrafted, are unique and even a recreation will not be exactly the same as the one that sold.