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Silver jewelry has always been a passion of mine. When everyone else was loving gold, I could never turn my back on that gorgeous silver. Everywhere I went I was buying up lots of silver, usually factory fabricated. Then it hit me.....everyone else was buying that very same factory silver. Nothing I bought was special, unique. So I decided to learn how to handcraft my own jewelry. I had many friends and acquaintences comment on what I was wearing and their compliments made me decide to offer my creations to others who also appreciate handcrafted one-of-a-kind wearable art.

My H'Art of the West silver heart jewelry is affordable and gorgeous! From sized rings, to adjustable rings, to pendants and bracelets I am sure you will totally love them!

If you see any jewelry below that is already sold or you would like something custom made for yourself, please contact me via email and I will communicate with you on a design and price. Just click on Contact Me for the addy.

H'Art of the West

Sterling Silver heart ring
Adjustable sterling silver heart ring
Sterling silver heart ring


Petrified Wood
Wire wrap dreamcatcher style with red agate

Beautiful in its simplicity Wire wrap gemstones


Necklace with pendant hook, choker, bracelet


Solid Sterling Silver Wire wrap with gemstones Great for work or play


Almost finished, just needs a clasp