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Mules are serious, lazy, hard-working, comical, loving and aloof.

A Mule A Day

June 3, 2010, I started my new A Mule A Day challenge. I absolutely love mules and donkeys and have devoted this next year to painting them. However, due to real life setting in, I have been delayed painting more mules after doing my 100th one. The ones you see below are the fruits of my efforts, some are still on the market for a new home to call their own!

These are small miniature original paintings (5x7s or 8x10s)..... one a day.... and were done in addition to my other, larger paintings. My paintings try to convey the many facets of the mule and their donkey counterparts.

These paintings are available for purchase from Linda Lucas. If you see any you like that have already been purchased, prints are available by contacting Linda or myself.
Thank you!

Please scroll down to take a peek at the paintings as I get them posted here.....
They are displayed in the order I painted them. And, yes, one a day.

1 Clowns     SOLD

2 Log Sliding

3 Snooze

4 Ohhhh yeah....      SOLD

5 Snack

6 Turning the key

7 At the ready

8 Nope, don't wanna run...

9 Heyyyy good lookin'     SOLD

10 I wanna see....      SOLD

11 Scratching that elusive itch

12 Pretty face

13 Serene

14 Reflections

15 Lazybutt     SOLD

16 Rollin' in the hay

17 MomMomMomMomMom

18 Headin' home      SOLD

19 True Beauty

20 The view from the stall

21 Beggars

22 Proud

23 Not by the hair of my chinny
 chin chin    SOLD

24 Jus' playin'

25 Move over...!

26 White guy     SOLD

27 Waiting for the tourists

28 Fenway Bartholomule     SOLD

29 Chillin'

30 Bray

31 Muleness

32 An apple a day

33 Ooooh, what's that?     SOLD

34 Au naturale

35 Hey, let's go over there!

36 Asleep at the wheel

37 Look, Mom, no hands     SOLD

38 Shaggy

39 Neeener, you can't catch me!     SOLD

40 Saddled Up

41 Splendicity     SOLD

42 A boy and his dog

43 *Yawn*

44 Heyyyyy

45 Plblblblblblb

46 Being Muley     SOLD

47 Bedrest

48 I'm ignoring you

49 Zzzzzz

50 Messin' with Sasquatch     SOLD

51 Two peas in a pod     SOLD

52 Greta in the mud      SOLD

53 Anticipation

54 When your back is turned

55 The puddle beckons      SOLD

56 Breaking in a new pair of feet    SOLD

57 Thundering of determined little hooves SOLD

58 Scritch     SOLD

59 Angel     SOLD

60 Mum's ittle helper      SOLD

61 Hows about a little kiss?     SOLD

62 Wanna play ball wif me?     SOLD

63 His Royal Orangeness     SOLD

64 Spotted Ass

65 Regal

66 Relaxin'

67 Frosty      SOLD

68 Quiet Moment      SOLD

69 Help, Squealy Bob has lost his tail...again SOLD

70 Aaaahhhh      SOLD

71 Blecht

72 Hey, something look wrong here?  SOLD

73 Forever Beggin'

74 A splendid girl indeed     SOLD

75 To the extreme     SOLD

76 Sweet

77 Worrying the bit

78 Hey, keep it down over there     SOLD

79 Pasture gossip

80 First kiss     SOLD

81 *Sigh*

82 I see spots      SOLD

83 Double cowlick

84 Rosie      SOLD

85 Bad saddle, baaaad saddle

86 Bling     SOLD

87 Fuzzy fellow

88 Pack is too heavy

89 Ear Rub

90 Laughing mule

91 And the mule brays     SOLD

92 Brayyyy

93 Moonlit innocence

94 Quiet repose

95 Oooomphfff

96 Whatta charmer

97 I'm baaaack

98 Magnificient jughead

99 Henry

100 Star     SOLD

101 boots & Loukas      SOLD