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Thank you for visiting Sues'Art. Inside the following pages you will find original paintings, handcrafted silver jewelry and other items of interest. Commissions of an original painting and custom orders of silver jewelry are available.
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Off Duty Power
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Black Boot & Spurs
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Mural Mosaic Unveiled!!

Le Cadeau du Cheval

The Horse Gift Mural Mosaic (Le Cadeau du Cheval)

The unveiling was held September 3rd at Spruce Meadows!!!

In April I was asked to participate in doing a panel for a mural mosaic. This was such an honor! We were able to pick our panels, interpret them, and the mural in its entirety has now been unveiled. Although we did not know the exact one we were to be given to work on before it arrived, we were to pick out 3 panels that we were interested in painting. For the panel I received, please visit this page and see the work as it progressed.